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Sep 26, 2015

The Pope, Our Common Home and the American Visit

You cannot turn on any news without seeing and hearing about Pope Francis and his historic visit to America.

A leader of one of the largest religions in the world (Catholicism), has much to say to everyone.

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Sep 21, 2015

International Day of Peace

I found out today is International Day of Peace. It was established in 1981 by the United Nations who declared it a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. 34 years later we need it more than ever.

How does the topic of peace fit into the stories of our lives? I think anyone could write about what peace means to them. Peace is a topic that touches us all, hopefully down to your core.

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Sep 15, 2015

Grandparents, Carriers of Family History

Your family history is important, to you and to others. We all need to preserve important stories and events from the lives of our family ancestors. You don't have to go back very far either. Start with your grandparents.

It is good to honor grandparents and the roles they play in our families. A really wonderful way to do that is to get them talking about life when they were growing up.

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Sep 10, 2015

The Marathon of Memoir Writing

In three days I will run another half-marathon. The Chips & Salsa Half Marathon in Albuquerque, New Mexico is in my hometown and starts close to my house. That makes it pretty convenient. I've run this race three times before, but this time my 21 year old son will be running with me. It is his first half marathon and I'm impressed that he's tackling the 13.1 mile run.

A memoir I am currently working on is about a ten year period in my life, 2003 to 2013, when a number of important life events converged together. Part of that story is taking up the distance running and completing half and full marathons. And it occurs to me that writing a memoir is similar to running a long distance event. It's not a sprint! It's a long run to the finish line.

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Sep 06, 2015

Writing About Work

Writing about your work, the personal history of your career or careers, can be fertile material for a memoir. Many of us spend a huge amount of our lifetime at work, doing various jobs, and building a career.

A lot of our effort goes into finding meaningful work. Doing something satisfying, that stimulates us and challenges us, and ideally helps make our world a better place.

As I close in on my 60th birthday and reflect back on various jobs I've held I there are many life lessons. Like others, I've had to learn the meaning of responsibility, punctuality and doing my best. I've also suffered through some tough work challenges.

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Sep 02, 2015

Finding a Personal Historian

Welcome to September. If you are considering a personal history project that you want to complete in the near future you should certainly consider working with a qualified Personal Historian.

You can find one, quite possibly in the town or area you live, but searching the Find a Personal Historian section of the Association of Personal Historians website.

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Sep 02, 2015

Your-Life-Your-Story - My Life Story Blog Archives, August, 2015

An archive of previous My Life Story blog entries from August, 2015 regarding personal history, life story writing and more.

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Aug 29, 2015

Hurricane Katrina 10 Years Later

Ten years ago today, August 29, 2005, one of the most devastating hurricanes ever hit the Gulf Coast of the United States. Hurricane Katrina washed over New Orleans and surrounding areas. It was bad. The levees surrounding "The Big Easy" broke. Homes, cars and roads swept away by huge waves.

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Aug 27, 2015

The Big Why for Your Story

I just finished listening in on the Right Focus/Write Memoir tele-class offered by Denix Ledoux of The Memoir Network. The key focus of this free tele-class was figuring our why you are writing memoir. The BIG WHY is your theme.

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Aug 24, 2015

Learning to Write a Memoir is Like Learning to Swim

Learning to write memoir is like learning to swim.It is possible for a writing coach to instruct a person on proper techniques of writing, but it takes practice and a coach to help you stay afloat.

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