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Dec 05, 2016

Blogging About Life

I created the Your Life Is Your Story website in 2003 and right away I included a blog as part of the site. The purpose of a blog was to bring attention to qualify family history and life story news, views, methods, products, links, services and "whatever else catches my fancy".

That allows me a pretty broad range of topics. I give a fair amount of consideration to my blog entries.

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Dec 05, 2016

Your-Life-Your-Story - My Life Story Blog Archives, November, 2016

An archive of previous My Life Story blog entries from November, 2016 regarding personal history, life story writing and more.

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Nov 29, 2016

Giving Tuesday Matters

Giving is a good thing. And purchases are important for businesses to survive. However, there are things that matter more than buying. So a few years ago a movement emerged to accompany Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday is designed as a global day of giving to worthwhile causes.

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Nov 27, 2016

Fidel Castro, Revolutionary Hero to Some; Oppressive Dictator to Others

The news this weekend of the passing of Fidel Castro, the revolutionary dictator of Cuba for well over half a century, brings about discussion of his legacy. Was he a hero for the masses? A cruel and brutal dictator? The answer is not as clear cut as many want to make it.

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Nov 17, 2016

November is Memoir Writing Month

I realize we are more than halfway through the month of November, but if you haven't yet discovered the many free tips about memoir writing from The Memoir Network then don't delay. Denis Ledoux offers a cornucopia (to use a fall harvest style word) of inspirational and practical writing tips for anyone working on a memoir, or making plans to do so.

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Nov 15, 2016

Leon, Leonard and John

Leon Russell passed away on Sunday. He was 74 and to me a giant of music and songwriting. He was one of those guys who did his own thing, recording the type of music he wanted to play and not following the typical path of many who get into the business.

Leonard Cohen, the incredible singer/songwriter from Canada died a few days before Leon. His resume is impressive and he also continued to record and play throughout his life, although he also spent time in a Buddhist monastery. The man had a big soul and was very profound in his songs.

Tying all this together was a conversation I had with my longtime friend, John. He and I went to college together in the 70's and we also worked together in radio.

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Nov 11, 2016

Veterans Day 2016

"All gave some; some gave all." This is the famous saying about our Veterans. Certainly it is a great sacrifice to give of your time for your country, to serve in the military, especially in the extremely challenging and dangerous situation of war and combat. The highest sacrifice is to give your life for your country. Today, November 11, is Veterans Day, the day and national holiday we officially remember all those people.

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Nov 10, 2016

Hey, Hey, My, My, Post Election Sigh

It has only been two days since the election in the United States, but it seems like a month. This was an historic election on a number of levels and the outcome was surprising to many.

I avoid discussing politics on this website as the purpose is to encourage you to reflect about your life and ideally preserve your story for others. But the U.S. Presidential race was hotly contested and it appears that it was more than just divisive.

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Nov 07, 2016

Dog Almost Gone, But Grateful He Is Not

I thought my dog, Shadow, was going to die this past Friday.

I came home from school and got the leash to take him on his daily walk. Usually he is wagging his tail like mad, barking and anxious to go. But when we got out to the start of the walk I noticed that Shadow seemed to be dragging. I looked over at him and was immediately alarmed at his foaming at the mouth and his wheezing.

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Nov 05, 2016

Cubs Win and Chicago Goes Wild

It has been a couple of days since the Chicago Cubs won a classic seventh game over the Cleveland Indians in the baseball championship known as the World Series. The matchup between the teams was terrific and the drama of a seven game series made every baseball fan's heart beat fast.

The Cubs broke a 108 year drought. The last time they won the World Series was in 1908, a very different time than today. It is a long time for a city and a franchise to wait for a championship. The big W is waving wildly now and the Windy City was pretty ecstatic today with a downtown parade and an estimated 5 million crowding the streets to celebrate their team.

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