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If you've experienced the thrill of viewing special family moments on video you know first hand how powerful that is. For years this experience has evolved and grown as the video industry has turned out better equipment and technology.

No longer do you have to mess with cumbersome cameras and tape. Now digital recording makes it easier than ever to record, edit and preserve memories.

Still, if you don't have a lot of experience dealing with this technology it can be a bit overwhelming. But, there's no need to let that deter you.

Thanks to people like Steve Pender you can find affordable and easy-to-follow assistance. Steve is a long-time video pro who has taken his expertise and created some tools and services that can help any would be family videographer create professional results. His services and products are detailed at a wonderful web site - Family Legacy Video™

Featuring The Family Legacy Video™ Producer's Guide

The Producer's Guide from Family Legacy Video

Take the Producer's guide, for instance. The Family Legacy Video™ Producer's Guide on CD-ROM shows you how to preserve your family stories on video! It does this by taking the mystery out of video production. The easy-to-follow, step-by-step professional techniques and instructions put you in the producer's chair. The guide uses forms, diagrams, video clips and photos to help you do it yourself.

People (and you) will be amazed at the end result of your work when you use The Family Legacy Video™ Producer's Guide. And it is amazingly affordable - just $24.95!

Steve Pender offers much more that is helpful for any would-be or seasoned video user.

· Unique "how to" guides
· Royalty-free music
· Workshops for do-it-yourselfers!
· Creative & custom video production services
· Free monthly e-newsletter - sign up now!
· A valuable free article to help your plan your family history interview
· An online theatre showing video samples 24/7
· Free presentations to groups, organizations & associations

Music n' Memories DVDA very special product Family Legacy Video offers is the Music 'n' Memories DVD™. People love to watch a video presentation of a wedding, anniversary, graduation or other special occasion set to music that enhances the production and sets the mood. Doing this yourself can be a challenge and hiring a professional could run you thousands. Steve Pender has come up with a great solution that is every bit as professional as some of the more expensive options, but runs hundreds of dollars less.

In fact the Music 'n' Memories DVD™ is a great option if you don't need or desire a full-blown family history documentary. Find out more.

You can also get royalty free music to use with your personal history projects.
Royalty Free music for family videos

Spend time getting acquainted with Family Legacy Video. There are sample videos to view and lots of great content. Visit and you can eaisly see why Family Legacy Video is a former "Highlight Site".

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