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Personalized Life History Journey Marker

Personalized Mile Markers is a unique way to mark your life's journey

I am sure you’ve seen signs that show the mileage to destinations. Not the kind on the highway, but those funky looking poles or stands with multiple little arrow-shaped signs stating how far to a town, city or tourist location.

Those signs bring to mind memories and dreams about those destinations. They are fun and amusing. How would you like a customized journey marker to show off your favorite spots in life? You can find just this thing at Personalized Journey Markers.

Personalized Journey Markers come in a variety of styles (hanging, tabletop and post, to mention a few). Each one is made to order and is a unique "mile marker" for your life journey. Jay Keeler has been doing this for years and has invites you to take a look at what he offers, including a variety of products that can mark your life's journey like the post style, table top versions, a hanging style and more!

Consider the various ways you can commemorate the places you've been and the things that mean a lot to you. Your college alma mater, favorite band, vacation resorts, your home town and even places you would like to visit that are on your bucket list.

Go here and look around. If you place an order be sure to enter the access code Your Life.

This is a great gift idea during the holidays of for any occasion. It is definitely different and an interesting way to preserve some life memories.

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