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Your Life is Your Story, Issue #211 – Language of the Heart
March 30, 2024

"Your past is your story up to now. The future is the story yet to come. The present is where you live with that experience, your hopes and your dreams."

Your Life is Your Story Newsletter

March 30, 2024
Issue #211 – Language of the Heart

From Tom Gilbert – Editor and Writer,

In this Issue:
Opening remarks: When Someone Is Breaking Big
Featured Article – Language of the Heart
Featured Resource – Paper Raven Books

Opening Remarks: When Someone Is Breaking Big

It can be really exciting when you experience breakthrough performances by artists. Being present to the times when writers, musicians, actors, scientists and others whose talents start shining brightly can be special.

Naturally, many of us do not rub shoulders with famous celebrities. However, celebrating the success of our family and friends can also be just as special.

What brought this to mind in particular was being at a Teddy Swims concert a few nights ago. This singer is growing in popularity and currently has a number one song with “Lose Control”. He’s a passionate and talented vocalist and I was really impressed with his band, too. Also the experience of seeing him in a more intimate venue (about 3,000 audience members at the sold out show) as his star is rising had me reflecting on how he is about to go to the next level.

Life always has ups and downs, so I know that fame can be fleeting. But when you are suddenly finding your stride in whatever you pursue in life, celebrate it and appreciate it. The journey is special.

Thank you so much for being part of the Your Life Is Your Story community. Thanks to all our subscribers. I hope you enjoy this month’s issue.

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– Tom

Featured Article: Language of the Heart

Language of the Heart

We live in a time when communication tools are greater than ever. Yet how often do you feel like you are really making a connection with another person? I mean, really connect.

So much of our talking and texting can be superficial. When someone asks you, “How are you?”, the standard response frequently is, “just fine.” Or, “good, I’m okay.”

What’s really going on in our head—and in our heart—often is not revealed.

If you do have someone with whom you can be completely honest that can be a great gift. It is only when we find people who really listen and care about us that true connection can take place.

Valued, Recognized, Understood and Appreciated

In our relationships with others we want to be valued, recognized, understood and appreciated. Yet it’s common to be guarded. Trust is a tricky thing.

People in recovery, those who are working steps and walking a spiritual path, often speak of a language of the heart. Applying that to memoir writing will make your story resonate with others. I think that is one of the reasons we should share something about our life journey. We all are living our own lives, but there is much in common in the human experience.

To learn another’s story and relate it to our own is a wonderful thing.

The Language of the Heart is typically a metaphorical way we make a deep spiritual or emotional connection with another person. Certainly there are verbal cues, so it helps to be physically present with another person. However, I have found this language can come across in the written word or in online visits such as Zoom or FaceTime.

It comes down to how real and vulnerable we are willing to be.

When empathy and compassion are part of your recollections and are shared in a memoir it reveals a meaningful depth to your character. This is why it is often so crucial to write about the hard times in your life, those times when you were lost, frustrated, angry, feeling hopeless or wondering how you will go on.

Most of us have had those experiences.

Speaking from the heart can create opportunities for healing relationships. Often we need to forgive. That is good for those we grant forgiveness, but mostly it’s important for us. We let go of the hurt, anger and resentment and that is beneficial for our health, both physical and mental!

More and more I think it is important to let your heart be your guide. It doesn’t mean you don’t weigh the pros and cons and use your brain to make good decisions. But “head decisions” can end up cold and calculated without the heart.

Putting the two together seems like the better way.

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Featured Resource: Paper Raven Books

Getting your memoir or life story to the finished line can be a lot of long, hard work. And rightly so. It is a big undertaking to write and publish a memoir.

The good news is that it is definitely worth it. I believe that all of us have a story to tell and there are many people who would be interested in your personal history and story of your life journey. Will everyone tell their story? No. But many will. Often you just need the willingness and some help from those who specialize in life story work.

I have been blessed to work with someone on their memoir for about three years and we are getting close to completing the process with the publishing of her story, French Twist: A Tale of Travel, Testing and Triumph. Janine Winters’ memoir is a remarkable story of resilience, faith, and deep bonds that endure through time. It offers a revelatory glimpse of a life in all its complexity, challenge, and triumph.
We have worked together closely on this project and I am proud of what we have accomplished. But we needed a company to help us through the process of final editing, cover design, publishing and marketing of this incredible story. I believe Paper Raven Books has been the right choice. Their stated mission is to change the book world by bringing together authors, publishing professionals, and readers to create, discover, and share truly great books.

So far they have delivered on this promise. A great team has been involved and we are excited to see the end results along with feedback and sales from French Twist. I will keep you informed as we get closer to the book launch. For more information about Paper Raven Books visit their website.

Closing Information

That’s it for this month’s issue. Thanks for reading. Here’s to telling your story. Do give it some serious consideration because I just know you’ve got a great story to tell! Be sure to see the Get Started section.

Any comments, ideas or feedback is greatly appreciated. Just reply to this ‘zine and tell me what you think!

Until next time, – keep your story alive!

Tom Gilbert

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