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It’s Time To Get Started

Write Family History,
Write Your Life Story or Personal Biography

(I Show You How!)

Now you know a whole lot more about the process of telling your life story. (You do if you’ve spent time on the What and Why and the How of telling your story. If you have not been there, why not take a moment and do so now?)

So, You have a decision to make.

What will You do?

Are you going to let life go by and pass up the opportunity to put your story into words?

Will your family and loved ones never know the experience, strength and hope that is your life story?

Write your life story. Write a family history.

I truly believe that telling your life story is one of the most important things you can ever do! You can…and should…write your life story or write a family history. You’ve discovered that writing personal biographies is not as hard or intimidating as you once thought.

Let’s get started! Yes, I mean “us”. You are not alone in this. It is a significant undertaking and it will require doing some things. There is research, writing and thinking. You will be talking to some of your close friends and family about it. No doubt there will come times of uncertainty and feeling overwhelmed. However, there is no need to be. Don’t give up before you get started.

You can do this. I can provide services to help you.

Here again are the some options for how to tell your life story. Click on the links to refresh your memory on these methods.

• Write your autobiography or hire a writer to pen your biography.
• Record your story in the oral tradition.
• Tell your story as a video biography.
• Begin, or expand, on a personal journal.

Once you have decided your life story format then you need to pick how you will proceed. The methods and the services you have discovered here at give you many options and price ranges.

I am very motivated to have more people tell their stories. I believe our world will be a better place when we know more about our family history and each other’s lives. I am also a writer, and yes, I expect my writing life will benefit from this.

Some of you may have an interest in working with me to write your story. Use the convenient form below to let me know what kind of life story service you are interested in and I'll get back to you quickly with more information.

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As grows, there will be more options for you — more ways to tell your story. I am always working on exciting ways to bring your story to life. I also actively seek out collaborations with others to achieve these goals. This means
I have affiliations with some of these services and writers. I'm constantly discovering new tools and creating new services as well as discovering other helpful sites.

I highly recommend that you keep coming back here regularly so that I can keep you informed about news and specials that will benefit you as you embark on the exciting journey of telling your life story. Please bookmark this site and come frequently. And be sure to sign up for our free monthly newsletter.

Everyone has a story to tell

I know you have a great one!

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Everybody has a story to tell!
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