About Tom Gilbert, Personal Historian

And the Vision of Your-Life-Your-Story.com

My name is Tom Gilbert and I am a writer, personal historian and the founder and developer of Your-Life-Your-Story.com. The purpose and vision of this web site is to encourage you to preserve your life story. As I mention elsewhere your life is your story! It is important for many reasons to tell your story.

If I convince you of the importance of that it will be a start.

However, I hope to encourage you to take the action that records your story. The format of that story is not as important as the decision to follow through and do it. If you are wondering how to tell your story please take the time to explore the options.

A bit about my story

Over the years I've held various jobs in different businesses, but I've always maintained an interest in people's stories. I have kept journals for many years and it has proven to be instrumental in my overall (including spiritual) growth.

***side note: Be sure to check out the many reasons to keep a journal and some excellent resources to get you started.****

I record all kinds of things in my journals, but they are basically my place to put my thoughts in writing and try to gain perspective and clarity from it all.

My career in the radio broadcasting industry spanned over thirty years. I have worked at many radio stations as an "on-air" personality, promotions director and program director. It was a good way to see the country (New Mexico, California, Florida and Michigan), get free CDs, see lots of concerts and meet interesting people.

When the Internet came along I started enjoying being online and it was a natural progression to start building web sites and learning about Internet marketing.

I continue doing some of this, but my real passion is writing. I do that for various people, both on and offline.

Additionally, I spent a dozen years as an elementary school teacher. That gave me a chance to teach a younger generation the importance of family and personal history.

Sharing our stories, those of our families and other people we meet, is a great way to learn the important lessons in life. It also helps remind us that we really are all here for the purpose of community. Life is pointless without participating in a loving way in the lives of others.

I hope that you discover the importance of this.

My family is first in my life!

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Thank you for visiting Your-Life-Your-Story.com. If you have questions or comments to share I'd love to hear from you. Simply write me an email and I promise to help in any way I can.