French Twist, A Memoir

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French Twist–A Tale of Travel, Testing and Triumph

This memoir is the incredible story of Janine Winters, a strong and brave woman who trusted me to tell her story. Her life experiences and my writing.

The book just released and is on sale here.

French Twist is a remarkable memoir of resilience, faith, and deep bonds that endure through time. It offers a revelatory glimpse of a life in all its complexity, challenge, and triumph.

Janine Winters grew up with a father with a criminal history, a stalwart and inspiring mother, an intelligent and generous brother, and a strong and precocious sister. In the face of conflicts with her father, she moves with her mother, brother, and sister from an independence-seeking Morocco to an equally turbulent Algeria. There Janine has to discover herself and begin forging a life that is her own.

She finds love and experiences the birth of a new child. This takes her and her family further away from home, as they learn to adapt to ever-changing circumstances and unexpected difficulties.

At every turn, however, Janine’s resilience prevails. Her enterprising spirit, manifest in the great diversity of jobs she successfully holds, navigates her through impasses to a life that fulfills her. Let her search for this life of meaning and lasting love be an inspiration for readers embarking on a quest to live their own lives fully.

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Janine Winters Author Bio

Janine Winters was born in Morocco in 1943 while the world was at war. Her life has been no stranger to danger and heartbreak, but it has also been filled with hope and triumph.

During her childhood she survived an abusive criminal father with the help of her fiercely protective mother. Revolution was in the air, Morocco and Algeria were fighting for independence, and against this backdrop she was finding her way.

She is of French and Spanish descent and escaped to France while still a teenager and young bride with two babies. A move to Canada followed with multiple adventures and occupations. Eventually she found her way to the United States with more twists and turns. She worked as a waitress, rancher and restaurant owner and finally found her true love, despite life throwing more obstacles along the way.

This French woman lives a more peaceful life these days on an Arkansas farm, although she has had additional successful entrepreneur pursuits there. These days she mostly enjoys sharing her love, creative talents and life lessons with family spanning three generations.