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Your Life is Your Story, Issue #158 – Think Before You Ask
December 29, 2018

"Your past is your story up to now. The future is the story yet to come. The present is where you live with that experience, your hopes and your dreams."

Your Life is Your Story Newsletter

December 29, 2018
Issue #158– Think Before Your Ask

From Tom Gilbert – Editor and Writer,

In this Issue:
Opening remarks: Meeting Over Memories
Featured Article: Think Before You Ask
Featured Resource: Catch My Story

Opening Remarks: Meeting Over Memories

How often do you meet with someone over memories? It would be a natural occurrence at a reunion, such as with old high school buddies or a family gathering.

Once in a while it happens that we are with a friend or family member and the conversation turns to a time “back when” and we start to talk about someone who has passed on or about a significant happening in our past. Shared experiences are powerful. Good friendships live long after people pass away.

It’s good to spend the time honoring the memories of our lives. It is especially important to remember when another year comes to a close. I am taking a moment now as I write this in memory of all those who we know and love and miss who have passed on. I am grateful for the light they brought to my life and others. Maybe you too, want to take a moment now as you read this to do the same for all those people who’ve been an important part of your life.

Be sure to visit our life story blog regularly for stories about the power and importance of telling your story.

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Thanks for reading. – Tom

Featured Article: Think Before You Ask

By Tom Gilbert - Copyright © December, 2018

The right questions are very important when conducting a life story interview. It helps to discuss some of them ahead of time.

Maybe you have heard the old saying, “engage brain before putting mouth in gear.” That’s good advice. It can often save you from spouting something you later regret but can't take back.

I have certainly had a few times in my life when I wish I had thought through what I was going to say instead of just blurting out a comment that would have been better left unsaid.

Civility is not very common these days and all too often I hear, or see (such as on social media) comments that are coarse, inappropriate or downright unkind. Whatever happened to good manners? That used to be something we took for granted. You know, common sense.

It seems common sense is not so common

Now that another year is wrapping and we are about to turn the calendar to 2019 I’d like to propose we all commit to more thoughtful ways to interact. Let’s think before we ask questions.

When it comes to life story questions I find it important to consider what you want to be asked if you are being interviewed by someone. It may be that you are working with a personal historian or a ghost-writer. Or maybe it is just a family member that is asking the questions. You should discuss beforehand the things you want to talk about and include in your life story. There are many places where you can find helpful suggested questions. I have given the matter serious thought and I include some of the kinds of questions you might want to use in my articles, The Right Questions and Ten Good Life Story Interview Starters

Read some other helpful life story articles here.

Featured Resource: Catch My Story

Catch My Story is an online story-builder that is easy to use – very easy! Using the process can help just about anyone with a computer and online connection put together their story. The online platform is very affordable and guides you in capturing your memories, organizing them, and then sharing them with friends and family. Once you have written your narrative and uploaded your photographs you can then preview the book. Making revisions is easy. And your finished story can become a beautiful hard cover book.

Over the years I have encountered many ways, including several online platforms and sites that provide a way to tell your story. I think Catch My Story is a good one and I am currently using it for a book project of my own. I am excited to be able to offer you a discount arranged for you, the Your Life Is Your Story readers. When you visit Catch My Story and are ready to begin then enter the promotional code YLYS18 at the Get Started pageand receive a $5 discount off the already low price of $29.99. The online software program is easy to use and you can start putting together your book – your story – right away.

Closing Information

That’s it for this month’s issue. Thanks for reading. Be sure to visit our blog regularly, and here’s to telling your story. Do give it some serious consideration because I just know you’ve got a great story to tell! Be sure to see the Get Started section.

Any comments, ideas or feedback is greatly appreciated. Just reply to this ‘zine and tell me what you think!

Until next time, – keep your story alive!

Tom Gilbert

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