Be an Inspired Memoir Writer

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To write an inspiring memoir it helps to be an inspired memoir writer.

And your response to the above line might just be, "well, duh!"

I get it. Stating the obvious doesn't make it any easier to get the writing done. But what is true about the statement is that your motivation to write your memoir, your life story, will come to you more readily when you are inspired.

How Do You Get Inspired to Write?

Finding inspiration to write your story, the memoir that you ache to see in print, comes from believing your life story is important (it is) and...

...developing a regular habit of writing.

It's true - the action of regular writing will form a writing habit. The habit, even if it is for short periods of writing, like thirty minutes at a time, will eventually yield a manuscript.

Don't Censor the First Draft

One of the biggest mistakes aspiring memoirists, or any writer, makes is trying to produce a finished draft in your first attempt.

Don't do this!

First drafts are meant to be a way to just get the words out. It's going to me messy. But it will have little nuggets that you can later polish into gems.

The Inspired Memoir Writer Program

I've been working on life story writing for years. I've helped many people and I keep at it for my own personal history and memoir projects.

But I have found I need help just like anybody else. Having a coach or a mentor or a good program is well worth it if you really want to produce a memoir.

The Memoir Network is offering up a five-month writing program, The Inspired Memoir Writer. It looks really good (details here). I've used some of their programs and resources myself and they have always helped me. Denis Ledoux and his team have been helping others write memoirs for many years. They are starting up sessions on April 25 so now is a great time to get going.

There is a lot to the program. In addition to bi-weekly 75-minute writing sessions (which you can attend live, but are also recorded), there are tutorials and resources. Good stuff!

Yes, as an affiliate I can get a small referral fee. But what I hope you will discover if you use The Inspired Memoir Writer program is that you have inside you an important story to tell. It's important for you. And for those who will read it.