Changing With the Seasons

autumn-leavesPhoto by Chris Lawton on Unsplash autumn leaves

Each season brings about change

Each season brings about change. Change in the weather, change in the number of daylight hours, even change in the food we eat.

The changing of seasons brings about changes in me. I know this intuitively, from the way I feel and perceive the days. The temperatures change, from hot to cool as we head from summer to fall. The winter cold has me reflecting inward. Outwardly, there are wardrobe changes. Less clothing when it is warm – pile on the layers when it gets cold.


My sleep patterns vary with the seasons. I tend to get up earlier and stay up later during the warm months. I am more active and enjoy being outdoors. On the other hand, snuggling under the covers when it is dark and cold is easy to do. In the winter months I tend to eat more for comfort, just as I also take pleasure in sitting by the fireplace reading a good book.

Seasons move in a cycle. We go from the death of vegetation, or at least to their hibernation, and then very little visible life during the winter months. Then the beginnings of new life with sprouting green leaves and blossoming flowers herald a new spring. 

floodplain rainbow

In the summer the sun shines brightly and clouds dance across the sky.

Lazy days. Slower pace.

Heat causes me to sweat out toxins and hydrate more frequently. My skin tans darker and the ground bakes. 

When Autumn comes there are the changes cooler mornings bring along with the vibrant colors of fall foliage. Scents in October make me nostalgic. They remind me of times past when pumpkin spice filled my nostrils, the camaraderie of bonfire pep rallies for football games or cross country running events. Sweatshirts and sweaters become daily wear. 

Life moves in cycles just like the seasons. I can recall the frolic of early childhood and the wonder and curiosity accompanying adolescence. Adulthood brings physical and emotional maturity, although for me the latter tends to take longer. 

Past forty doesn’t have to mean past your prime. Career and family building has its highlights, but some of the best years and greatest growth in all areas has happened in my fifties and sixties. 

view from the Sandia Mountains

Like trees that grow taller and stronger, we can also grow and change with the seasons.

With each passing year I can reflect on yesterday’s youth, tomorrow’s golden sunsets, and today’s serenity.