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High Five for Gratitude

By Tom Gilbert - Copyright © November 26, 2014

Making a list of the top things you are grateful for is always beneficial. I believe we should never lose sight of those things in life that mean the most, that we cherish, that are the true treasures by which we measure our wealth.

Around the Thanksgiving holiday it is traditional to gather family together, eat a good meal, and take inventory of all we are grateful for. I was thinking about what I am most grateful while, of all things, walking my dog this afternoon. That can often be a chore, but today the sun is shining, it's Thanksgiving Eve and I am counting my blessings.

As I contemplated the top things for which I am grateful I realized that money didn't make the cut, at least not in the top five. And believe me, although I know money can't buy happiness I could use a little more on the bottom line. It is easy to stress about finances and it can be hard at times to pay the bills. But, no, money isn't part of my gratitude big five.

Here's where I weigh in on the top five.

#5 -  Health. If you live long enough you will almost surely have battles with fitness and other health issues. Many people have had serious illness, disabilities or even life threatening diseases. I am nearly sixty and still in pretty good health. I greatly admire those who deal with chronic pain, disease (or just "dis -  ease"), or heathly challenges.
Never take your health for granted.

#4 -  A place to live. Even better, a home. It's nice to have somewhere you can go to that is your dwelling, your sanctuary, the place to start and end your day.

#3 -  Talent. Nobody is good at everything, but everyone is good at something. Having a talent is a gift and not one to be wasted. Can you draw, sculpt, make music or write? Maybe you have a knack for numbers. Perhaps you are athletic. Being compassionate, a good listener, a good speaker, a teacher, a gifted cook, charismatic leader, builder or fixer are all terrific examples of talents.

#2 - Purpose. This goes hand-in-hand with talent. Use your talent for a purpose; find a way to contribute to society and life that is challenging and meaningful. If you have a job/career/vocation that fulfills your purpose and uses your talent then you are very blessed.

#1 - Love. We all want to love and be loved. Family, a partner, good friends, love of nature, the deep spirituality that comes from connecting to the One-ness of life, these are things immeasurable in value. When I feel real love I am truly humbled. When I give real love I know it is something bigger than me that I am lucky to be a part of, perhaps even an instrument for good. Love is all you really need.

These five reasons to be grateful are important to me and very powerful. If you agree, perhaps you can give a virtual "high five  for gratitude" by looking at how they fit in your life and finding a way to keep them prominent in your life.


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