Review and Renew

life lived forward quote

At the beginning of a new year it is common to look at our lives, make plans and resolutions, and also to look back a bit.

I call the process Review and Renew.

If you are doing any life story work then review is a constant part of the process. We look back. We consider our experiences, the way we have lived and what we have learned.

The Year That Was

I think an annual review of our year is helpful. It is like that quote about life by Soren Kierkegaard:

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."

In reviewing our past I think it is good to look at it honestly. Consider what went well and celebrate it, or at least be grateful.

The things that didn’t go like we hoped, the disappointments and the losses, we should review them as well, but not morbidly. Look for the lessons and the silver lining. And if you find it too hard then perhaps you can sit with it and try to make peace.

That often requires holding the tension.

That’s not easy.

But it (life) is what it is. So life on life’s terms means acceptance and moving forward, moving on.

Renew With Hope

Like the coming of Springtime, renewal is possible. We can renew our goals. We can renew friendships and other relationships. We can renew our outlook.

Life is a journey and writing about that journey can be valuable. It can be valuable for the readers, but also for the storyteller who looks back and lives forward. You know, review and renew.

Resolve to Be Intentional

One of the things I believe is helpful at the beginning of a new year is to consider your intentions. Lots of people make resolutions...but what might be better is to resolve to be intentional about the things you want to do this year.

Doing so may help in your motivation. It is hard for lots of us to stick to our New Year's resolutions. But if we are intentional about what we do that seems to help. It takes us beyond our to-do lists and our wishes for better things.

Life isn't easy. You probably have figured that out by now. Review your life on a regular basis and learn from it. Then renew your efforts with good intentions to live your best life!