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Sports Stories - Your Legacy of Athletics

By Tom Gilbert - Copyright © October 21, 2015

There are so many people who recall great stories related to sports and athletics. The personal experiences you had in school sports are important memories and worth recalling. Some families have been fortunate to have a prominent member achieve a certain level of fame, perhaps as an Olympic or professional athlete. All these sports stories form your legacy of athletics.

When I was fourteen my dream was to play professional baseball. I obsessed over the sport. I played High School ball and at the American Legion level, but it didn't take long for the bubble to burst. As much as I wanted to be a professional ball player it wasn’t going to happen. I just didn't possess the necessary talent.

Nevertheless, as an adult I've followed professional baseball and gone to games when I can. I've seen the Red Sox, Royals, Dodgers, Angels, Padres, Tigers, Yankees, Mets and A's all play in their respective home ballparks. I've loved every minute of it.

I've also gone to great college football games, including in Norman, Oklahoma when the Sooners (my alma mater is the University of Oklahoma) won a national championship in the 1970's. And I've attended other professional sporting events, such as hockey, football and basketball. I'll never forget the thrill of watching a Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida in 1991!

Being a spectator is one thing. Participating is another. Do you and your friends ever reminisce about "the good old days"? Are you re-living shooting the winning basket, hitting a home run, scoring a come-from-behind touchdown or winning the mile relay?  Sport stories are great to talk about and write about. Your legacy of athletics can be a worthy portion of your life story.

October is a good time of year for sporting events. Baseball is in its post-season with the World Series about to take place. Football is well underway for both college and the NFL. Basketball and Hockey are getting ready to start new seasons. And if you are lucky enough to live in warmer climates it can be a terrific time to play golf, tennis or soccer.

I've helped people put together life stories of various lengths and subjects. Writing about sports experiences is fun for me. If you've been trying to preserve some of your past experiences it might be worthwhile to explore the sports/athletics angle. Share about "the Big Game" you were at or running that first marathon. Brag about that child who became an All American Collegiate athlete. Get together with some of your old teammates to consider a group project. There are many ways to go about it.

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