Spring Into Action

Spring has “sprung” with the arrival of the Equinox on March 20. While the weather may not yet be springlike, depending on where you live, the season is officially underway.

cherry blossomsPhoto by Arno Smit on Unsplash

It is not unusual for many of us to make a resolution in Springtime to get some things done. The expression spring into action comes to mind. Why not make that commitment to your life story?

If you consider your "one wild life and precious life" you may surprise yourself with your adventures, experiences, the good, bad and the in-between that often contain lessons worth passing on to others.

Can't Think Your Way To Your Memoir

One thing I know for certain is that you can’t think your way to a memoir. Oh, sure, there will be plenty of thought and reflection.

But ultimately, action must be taken.

Action in the form of reminiscing and then writing out the elements of your life journey. Or if you are not the writer then telling it to someone else who can be your scribe or ghostwriter.

Show the Action

Show, don’t tell is a frequent reminder to writers. Apply this technique in your life story writing. Action captures attention. It’s interesting, maybe even riveting.

For example:
My father pulled the car over and then pulled a gun on me. “Get out!” he yelled. My face twisted in terror and then melted into sadness.

Can you picture that scene? It's visual and there is action.

If you haven’t yet “sprung” into action with your memoir then make a decision to start. You don’t have to work long stretches or in fast bursts. Like a good distance runner, find your pace. The important thing is to dedicate some regular time to writing. Even thirty minutes a day will over time produce a good amount of material.