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Apr 06, 2020

Living the Memoir Moment

Who knows what amazing creative outbursts might result from people quarantined and left with "time on their hands".

What we are all experiencing is history in the making and our personal viewpoints can be primary sources for the historical record. Our writing about what is happening in our lives at this time provide an interesting insight. We are quite literally living the memoir moment.

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Apr 02, 2020

Diaries and Drawings

So many people are turning to ways to document their experiences during this historic time. Rarely has there been such a global event that affects us all, at least not in my lifetime. I suppose you have to go back to the world wars or a pandemic like the Spanish Flu of 1918-1920 to find something of this magnitude.

One way is to write about what is happening in your life. What are your observations and feelings? This can be part of a your personal history documentation and it will prove valuable to read it in the future. I am a regular journal writer and I have really been stepping up my entries the last few weeks.

Others find it cathartic and helpful to draw.

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Apr 02, 2020

Your-Life-Your-Story - My Life Story Blog Archives, March, 2020

An archive of previous My Life Story blog entries from March, 2020 regarding personal history, life story writing and more.

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Mar 31, 2020

Keeping Grandparents Safe and Close

Grandparenting is something that I don't think anyone can adequately describe to the degree that experiencing being one can. I don't say this to disparage the empathy non-grandparents can show. Of course love for grandkids and the receiving of that is special. Others can also have that love, but the relationship between the children and the grands is, in my mind, somewhat unique.

During this time of precautions and social distancing it is hard to not get and give the hugs. But we know it is important to be safe. Being close is still a gift. With our technology we can video chat or even wave from our cars or from a safe distance.

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Mar 30, 2020

Quarentime for Your Life Story

One of the most common excuses used for not completing a life story is: I don't have enough time for that right now.

Hey, I've used that excuse myself; more than once.

Right now many of us are finding that we suddenly do have time. We have the discretionary time as we are spending time in isolation, protecting ourselves and others from the spread of the coronavirus. Let's call it quarentime.

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Mar 25, 2020

Alone Together

Yesterday I was feeling a bit blue, probably a bit of anxiety about our current state of affairs (global pandemic) and really unmotivated.

I'm not beating myself up about it. Probably pretty normal all things considered. But what pulled me out of my doldrums was a surprise call from an old radio buddy. He's in Woodstock, New York and I am in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We FaceTimed and it was great. We talked about how we are dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. We shared old memories. It was very therapeutic.

Not long after that call another longtime friend my radio days called me from Salt Lake City. We also FaceTimed. And it was another excellent chat.

I got to thinking why I don't do this more often.

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Mar 23, 2020

I Would Like

Last year about this time I received my copy of Small Blue Harbor, a collection of poems by Ahrend Torrey. I've known this young man since 2005. In fact, he was one of my first life story clients. His creativity was evident right away, but he has grown immensely as a poet and artist.

The artists in our world are able to help us through our tough times, so we should turn to them for comfort and inspiration. One of the poems in the aforementioned collection by Ahrend really speaks to me during this Covid-19 pandemic.

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Mar 16, 2020

Forced to Slow Down

One of the things resulting from the global Coronavirus pandemic is that gatherings of people, everything from social events like sports, concerts and conferences to day-to-day workplaces like schools, are on hold for at least a couple of weeks.

In this time of social distancing we have an opportunity to spend quality time reading, writing, reflecting, sleeping more, practicing better hygiene (boy do we know now much more about proper hand washing!) and just getting some down time.

This can be a good thing. We are forced to slow down.

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Mar 11, 2020

Not Infected, but Affected - How the Corona Virus is affecting us all

Last summer my wife and I took a trip we had longed for about as long as we've been married (which is currently 34 years). We went to Italy, mainly the northern part of that beautiful and historic country. We saw Florence, Assisi, Venice and other great sites. We ate good food. We spent time site seeing and just enjoying ourselves.

Today we wouldn't be going on such a trip. The Corona Virus (COVID-19) is affecting us, just as it is most people - probably you. I am concerned for those infected. But ultimately, we all end up being affected.

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Mar 11, 2020

Your-Life-Your-Story - My Life Story Blog Archives, February, 2020

An archive of previous My Life Story blog entries from February, 2020 regarding personal history, life story writing and more.

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