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Nov 30, 2020

Is Your Underwear on Backwards?

You probably read that opening remarks line and thought, “WT…?”

Admittedly it was meant to get your attention. And what I want to direct your attention to is a new book that is now available by Virgene E. Kilbourn. The book has the intriguing and humorous title, Is My Underwear On Backwards?

Virgene is a gifted writer with several funny and relatable life story events compiled in her new book. From her childhood to married life and later, she demonstrates her storytelling gift while making you nod your head at something similar or maybe shake it in disbelief. How could so many odd and hilarious events happen in one life?

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Nov 26, 2020

Delivering Gratitude

The 2020 version of the Thanksgiving Holiday is not a typical "Turkey Day". The pandemic is keeping many (not all) at home in small household gatherings. It's the right thing to do to keep from creating coronavirus super-spreader events which inevitably result when too many get together indoors, in close quarters, especially when sharing a meal.

This year my brother-in-law and my wife delivered gratitude. I helped them pack together turkey and ham meals with all the sides. It was Art's idea to do something since we were not going to have the big and festive gathering that we normally do on Thanksgiving Day.

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Nov 17, 2020

Questions Guide Our Learning

I am a school teacher and a personal historian. There are some similarities in the work. One of them is the use of questions.

Questions guide our learning. I firmly believe that. Asking the right questions helps us at the start of learning something new as well as assessing later what we have learned.

When you begin the process of reminiscing about your life and developing the storyline it is good to ask certain questions. One of the most important is Why do you want to tell your story? We all have a story to tell. Determining the reason for preserving that story can be a powerful motivator for getting it done.

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Nov 06, 2020

Circle of Friends

Now more than ever, it is important to have friends. We all need to have real friendships, the kind that hold up under all kinds of conditions. Tried and true friendships lift us up and we all, as the late singer/songwriter Bill Withers said, "need someone to lean on."

Who makes up your circle of friends? What are the things that help you form good and lasting friendships?

An article in Grand Magazine - Who Do You Surround Yourself With? - has some excellent tips. One of my favorite things from the author, Jerry Witkovsky, is remembering that "Age is not a factor; it’s about connecting around ideas and an openness to enriching someone else’s life and allowing them to enrich yours. You can choose to grow and learn starting right now."

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Nov 03, 2020

Election Day 2020

The day is here. Election Day in the United States. Our country is a democracy and set up so that the people choose their representatives in elections. This is done on local, county, state and national levels. Every year there is an election day,

Every four years the stakes are higher. Every four years is an election for the Presidency. For a long time the world has looked at the United States as one of the most powerful countries with a wide-reaching influence. This year has been highly publicized, politicized, debated, discussed, argued over and it is going to be closely watched.

As a life story site and in my role as both life story encourager and 5th grade elementary educator I feel it is important to celebrate our freedoms and to note the importance of each election.

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Nov 03, 2020

Your-Life-Your-Story - My Life Story Blog Archives, October, 2020

An archive of previous My Life Story blog entries from October, 2020 regarding personal history, life story writing and more.

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Oct 29, 2020

Helen Jones Woods and the International Sweethearts of Rhythm

Living to 96 is an accomplishment for anyone. Helen Jones Woods passed away recently, another 2020 casualty of COVID-19. But in her passing she leaves a legacy as one strong and independent woman who lived a full life.

In addition to being a member of an all female instrumental swing band, she spent time as a nurse and a teacher's aide. She felt called to help people, such as problem children who often need a lot of love and compassion. She must have been cut out for that job. She self-proclaimed herself "the director of hugs and kisses."

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Oct 21, 2020

Ocean View of a Life Story

With all the turbulence this year you can't blame me if I decide to take a look under the surface, an ocean view, as it were, of a life story.

I have come across two interesting tales. One is about a Great White Shark and the other a fascinating octopus.

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Oct 15, 2020

Grand Time to Visit Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the great sights and wonders of the world. It is immense and truly beautiful. Such a popular destination for tourists means you should plan carefully. During this season of the coronavirus there are more restrictions, of course. But you can still go.

To know the best times to visit, the best places to camp, and a wide amount of great information if you would like to camp at the Grand Canyon you need look no further than The Camper's Complete Guide to Grand Canyon Camping.

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Oct 09, 2020

John Lennon at 80

Today is John Lennon's birthday. The singer, songwriter, member of the Fab Four (Beatles) and peace activist, had he lived would be 80 today.

All we are saying is give peace a chanceAll we are saying is give peace a chance

I can't say what John Lennon would be doing today if he was still around. But I do know that remembering his music and the message he gave us with lines from songs like, "Give Peace a Chance" still matter. They matter to me - hopefully to you as well.

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