Your Story, My Story, Our Story, The Story

The story of your life is your story. It is also a story not unlike all other stories.

Friends working on sharing their stories.

There are philosophers, poets and great explorers of the life journey who have said there are basically just two or three stories. All our stories have something from these stories in our own tales.

Perhaps this is true.

The hero’s journey, the exploration of meaning in life, living in a family with all the dynamics that come with it, being part of nature, or being part of society, these are all themes I recognize in most people’s life stories.

What is interesting about doing this kind of work, the personal history digging, the mining of memories, the reminiscing and reflecting, and then, most importantly, the living today, is that we all can find some meaning, purpose and joy in our one, wild and wonderful life.

You have your story

Whether you have done any writing or recording of it, you do have that story.

Know it.  Honor it.  Love it.

All of it, good and bad.

There is only one you.

At the same time, your story, my story and all the other stories are part of what I would call The Story. There is so much we all have in common. We are born and die. Sure, but look at the Big Picture. Know that you have your unique experiences. But also know that it is part of the great fabric of living.

We can all learn so much from each other and our stories. This is why it is important. Your story, my story, our story, the story