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Doreene Clement was a successful woman. She achieved her dreams and goals. Not because she just "wished" to. It's because she learned the power of journaling. She harnessed this power in a unique way and created journaling tools that you can use to change your life!

Her "5 Year Journal" will help you meet your goals, discover your dreams and tell the story of your life.

Over the past several years Doreene successfully battled cancer and was even declared cancer-free.  However, she was eventually diagnosed with another form of cancer - a particularly agressive bone and breast cancer and she passed away on June 14, 2007.  But Doreene's legacy lives on and her encouragement has touched many lives.  Her
"5 Year Journal" can help change your life.

Doreene tells you in her own words:

From ancient times to present day, countless people from all walks of life; people such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Walt Disney, Kings & Queens, Beatrice Potter, Napoleon Hill, Steven Segal, Mozart, Olympic athletes, successful business leaders, Oprah Winfrey and stay-at-home Moms have used this

to live a more fulfilled life.

This method is so simple that it is now
taught to children in schools.

It wasn’t until I started to utilize this ONE PROVEN METHOD in my own life that I began to experience the tremendous and positive changes. Feeling driven by desire, I brought this method to the world. People would stop me in the streets, knowing who I was, and embrace me in a bear hug. With crocodile tears in their eyes and a heart filled with gratitude they would thank me and tell me how much it has meant to them.

Before we get into what the ONE PROVEN METHOD is, allow me to share with you some staggering research results when using this METHOD:

Studies have shown by using this ONE PROVEN METHOD you will increase YOUR chance of reaching your goals (career goals, financial goals, fitness goals, relationship goals) by as much as 82%! I read one study that said people who use this technique have more than 51% less colds, stronger immunity and half as many visits to their doctor. It’s also proven that people who follow this method easily move through challenges and adversity and it helps them, more than anything else; keep focused on their reason for being.

Additional research revealed that insomniacs, the panic-prone and depressed, cancer patients, and people trying to lose weight have ALL benefited through this ONE PROVEN METHOD.

Here’s Doreene's Story…

One day, as I was driving down the freeway, I was struck by a Divine inspiration with a brilliant idea for people to put into practice this ONE PROVEN METHOD. And, this method is far more effective than anything I had ever seen before. In my heart of hearts I knew I had to bring it to the world.

The idea was so profound, and at the time, I had the thought “this is so simple it must be out there”. Yet, when I looked for it I couldn’t find it anywhere. And, from this inspiration came the birth of a profoundly unique and life-changing product called “The 5 Year Journal”.

Unlike what you may be thinking, journaling takes only a few moments a day, and you don’t have to do it every day to have a lasting effect.

For as long as humans have had their own stories to tell we've been writing them down. We jot notes, make lists and write letters. And sometimes, when we need someone to talk to, a best friend, a confidante, a place to take our deepest secrets and our fears, or when we just want to record our thoughts, we write in our journals.

The journal is communicating from the heart. It is a place we can go to protect our reminiscences and work through our difficult emotions. Our journal archives our growth and gives us perspective. Within the journal's safe pages, we can try out ideas and explore feelings. And since there's no right or wrong way to keep a journal, anyone can do it.

If your life is worth living, isn’t it worth recording?

The 5 Year JournalThe 5 Year Journal
is beautiful hardcover book with place marker ribbon, 272 acid-free pages and over 100 motivational quotes. It includes an easy to follow how-to journal section.

Louise L. Hay, International Best Selling Author of You Can Heal Your Life and Empowering Women says this about The 5 Year Journal:

"Doreene Clement created the best Journal. This is my fourth year using it and I love remembering the good times"

Peggy McColl, Author of The 8 Proven Secrets to SMART Success and On Being a Dog with a Bone said this about The 5 Year Journal:

“Several years ago Jim Rohn instructed me to keep a journal. I had no idea of the overwhelming value until I actually did it. Today, I wouldn’t go through my day without it and Doreene’s created the absolutely perfect and complete tool to journal your life for 5 full years! If you haven’t got one, you’ve got to get one today – and if you care for another, buy one for them too. It’s the absolute perfect gift!”

Here’s how you order:

Go to the website by "clicking" here and place your order for TheClick here to order the 5 Year Journal 5 Year Journal. As soon as you place your order you will receive an email confirming your order.

Here are a few comments from people who use The 5 Year Journal:

"The 5 Year Journal is an amazing tool to document and capture the beauty of life as it unfolds." - Vivian Phillips, Host of The Vivian Phillips Show on CBS

"I wish I'd been keeping a journal like this for years." - Rita Davenport, Speaker, Author, Business Leader

"I've been using the Journal for nearly 2 years now. It's been a great tool to help me begin writing my first book". - Thom Brodeur

Imagine, for a moment that it’s a year from today and you try to imagine what you were doing one-year earlier….What were your thoughts one year ago? What were your feelings? ….. What were your dreams? Without a record how would you know? How would you know if you’ve made progress?

Now, imagine that it is one year from today and you did keep a journal for the year….you can go back and re-experience the joy of the moments again. You can’t do this without it. We can’t rely on our memories to capture these moments.

With your 5 Year Journal you’ll have these incredible ideas close at hand…. I’ve developed this simple tool for you to do so and you can have it.

Ordering is easy!

Go to here and place your order. It’s that easy!
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Moments not recorded are sometimes lost…forever…never to be awakened again. Many memories, dreams and inspirations are left behind and die a slow death because they weren’t recorded. Don’t let that happen to your life. Keep the life in your dreams and your deeper purpose with The 5 Year Journal.

Order The 5 Year Journal now!
It’s superb value, click here to order . . .

It only takes minutes a day! That’s it! Journaling is not a big time consuming daily effort. Its fun, it’s easy and it can be the biggest life-changing thing.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to look back 5 years down the road and get back in touch with your deepest thoughts and remember your most cherished events? It’s a gift you give to yourself that you’ll treasure forever.

Wishing you wonderful memories and joy!
With love and warmth,
Doreene Clement

P.S. Share the ONE PROVEN METHOD gift with the people who mean the most to you.

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P.P.S. - Doreene Clement knews what she was talking about because she personally used journals for years. She wrote everyday about her walk through her incredible challenge with cancer (and shared it with her readers!). Journaling works. I know, I also write regularly in my journal. — Tom Gilbert

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