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The major purpose of this web site is to encourage you to pursue telling your life story, or to preserve the stories of your family and loved ones. There are many ways to do this (as discussed elsewhere on this site, especially at How to Tell Your Story).

On this page we regularly put into the Spotlight a "Highlight Site" that provides quality family history and life story methods, products and services.

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History From the Heart

History From the Heart Life Story Site

Saving Lives One Story at a Time

Personal history is like that.

‚ÄčAnnie Payne Annie Payne Personal Historian3is a talented, dedicated, hard working and life-loving personal historian. I've known her for years and I know it to be true. Her clients want more than a family tree with names and dates. They want to know the real stories of their grandparents and parents; why life changing decisions were taken and how the family survived the bad times as well as the good.

And, they do not want to have to wait 20 or 30 years when their children ask them about their grandparents' lives and the family history. This should be a driving reason to preserve your life story. Annie Payne has been doing it for a generation as she guides others down memory lane and past generations to bring to life the stories, values and history that should and needs to be shared with your loved ones.

In addition to being a parent and grandparent, a former nurse, a lifelong lover of music (we both really treasure the Rolling Stones among others!), she is an author, biographer, researcher, designer and personal historian based "down under" in Australia. She likes to say she saves lives - one story at a time.

Your Life Is Your Story is always excited to share services that help you preserve your life story, values and experiences. 

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