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MemoryGrabber - excellent resource for writing your life story This site is home to the fabulous Memorygrabber
downloadable workbook
that will give you countless ideas and help in recording your life story, from great memory-inducing tips to various ways to preserve your story.
This product is fun to use and guides you through the process of preserving your personal history. And the price is hard to beat - just $14.95 and backed by a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

The  MemoryGrabber  has been updated and new innovations continue to be added.  The new version includes more great questions, timeline development and the ability to type and save your work right into the PDF e-book workbook using the free Foxit PDF reader.

Michael Boyter is the man behind the site and this has been a labor of love for him for a few years. He is the self-appointed family historian for his clan and he encourages you to move the past into the family story at a time!

There are a number of other products at Family History Products. Michael likes to call them "tools & toys" for family history. 

You will find out more about Michael at his site. You probably will want to sign up for his free newsletter, too.


Family History Jumpstart free ebook - click here for info

The Family History Jumpstart e-book is a great way to get started in preserving family history, and there is even a way to brand the book to your site to promote traffic for your online efforts!

You can download a free copy from us here!

Be sure to check out Family History Products. This site has some great products. Don't miss their wonderful free articles and resources.

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