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The Family Newsletter Special

Here's an example of a Family Newsletter Written Specifically for You and Your Loved Ones

*Note: the newsletter example is fictional

Season's Greetings to the Williams Clan!

Dear Friends and Family,

The leaves are off the trees and the cold has hunkered down around us and so it will be for the next two or three months. It is always these times that bring out the reminiscing. Although these thoughts begin as intimate and personal they should not stay that way. You need to share in the memories for it is your lives that intertwine with ours. Together we are forming a great tapestry of which this past year is yet another of the colorful threads.

January started cold and sunny, but the glow from the Christmas holidays was still upon me. I was up early to greet the New Year. As you know by now, the bright lights and colors of New Year's Eve celebrations have long since given way to quieter times. I prefer to spend the last night of each year at home with my wife and a good movie. We'll talk, laugh, cry a little and remember our blessings.

Anyway, the New Year did dawn bright and promising and continued into spring much that way. Business, for the most part, has been good and now that Jennifer has grown into such a beautiful young woman both Ellen and I recognized that she was blossoming into adulthood as surely as the new buds on the leaves of our backyard trees. We could hardly believe she would graduate from high school in May. I hoped to be easing into "official" retirement by then, but you know the saying about the "best laid plans". At least the winter was not unbearable and the cold passed quickly enough as we made plans for her graduation.

The one bump in the road, and it was a big enough bump, was that Joseph, our beloved nephew and godson, is spending the next several months in the Middle East. June brought the news that he was assigned to duty in dusty, hot Iraq. We hoped he'd get a shortened mission, but now we're just grateful that so far he's escaped injury and that he gets to communicate with Sharon, my dear sister, and her husband, Stanley. It's hard, we know, to have just one child and that child to be on the other side of the world, away from our protective parental hovering.

Our summer gathering at the lake was a highlight. It was good to see so many of our clan make the pilgrimage, including Lizzy, Ellen's aunt from California, and my brother Don with his lovely wife Jill and their brood of five. You get all those boys together and it's quite exciting…and loud! We enjoyed seeing Dan, Tim, Peter, Jimmy and Ethan - even if they did wear us out with their constant energy.

The hot days in the cool water, the fishing and frolicking, and George's legendary barbeque skills made this a fine vacation in beautiful Wyoming. It's been a good year for the photo albums and deepening friendships. It's amazing to see so many of the children growing up quickly and just as impressive to meet the grandkids. You sons and daughters of the Williams heritage will soon know too well why we said the things we did and why we shook our head so often during your adolescence.

We should certainly acknowledge Jennifer's position with the marketing firm in Chicago. She's apparently been quite an addition to Selman & Frampton. They've given her additional duties and a nice bonus this fall. We're proud, but hope she doesn't critique my writing here too harshly. We're also justly proud of the work George has been doing for the missions in his hometown of Columbus. Ohioans are typically modest and George is especially so, yet his efforts in coordinating so many groups for the help of the less fortunate should be recognized, especially at this season of giving. Good job, George and we're grateful for all you do for so many.

As I write this I realize once again how blessed we all are. Life continues to have its "ups and downs", but overall there is a great deal to be grateful for. We see again the truth that even in dealing with adversity we grow. The important things are still love, forgiveness and friendship. This hits particularly close to the bone with the tragic news that my friend Daniel Tolman was killed in an auto accident just two weeks ago. He was driving home from yet another Special Olympics event and apparently fell asleep. God bless him, he helped those kids and that fine organization for over twenty years. Our thoughts are with his family during this holiday season.

As we celebrate another Christmas and another year I know that we all hold dear in our hearts the memories and the moments of each day. Thank you dear ones for allowing me to reminisce and share with you. May we continue to savor each breath we take and appreciate each new day and day's end.

Our love and warmest regards,

Frank and Ellen Williams

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