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The Memories and Events - The Stories of the Year - Your Family and Friends Are News

The days that make up a year are full of important and newsworthy events. It doesn't have to make the local TV station's 6 o' clock report or the morning newspaper. Each of our lives plays out in moments worth remembering. A family newsletter can be just the thing to document those days and sharing it with your family can be a treat.

The end of a year can bring about a range of emotions: joy and gratitude or anxiety and moodiness. One thing is certain; the holidays are a time of remembrance and for making new memories. This is a natural time for families to gather together, enjoy meals and tell stories. Some of those stories are timeless…and priceless. Nuggets of family history passed on in the tradition of oral history.

Of course, the important "news" to preserve happens throughout the calendar year. Graduations, job changes, weddings, births and death are all important milestones. You can document them in a highly readable, yet consise correspondence. Publish as frequently as you like. Many people do it at the end of the year, but why not quarterly or more often? The prevalence of email makes it easy to distribute, or go for the "old fashioned" way and write, print and mail it out to your list of relatives.

Stories are often told, but not recorded. A memoir or life story is an ambitious project. It is certainly worth considering, but as a way to ease into that process you should consider sending out a family newsletter.

It's not hard to piece together the important highlights and events of your lives. Look through your journal or diary. I bet you've saved some emails and letters, too.

Has anybody in the family received media attention? Newspaper clippings, magazine articles or video/photographs need to be acknowledged. The same goes for work and professional recognition (such as a company newsletter or trade publication).

I have relatives that send out a one or two-page newsletter around Christmas. I enjoy reading and discovering good tidbits about my extended family scattered around the country. It sure is fun, too, to read about times when we did get together, like a summer reunion at the lake or a trip to a local event (here in Albuquerque the annual International Hot Air Balloon Festival is a natural).

Like many people, you recognize the value of this, but you may not have the time or inclination to write it yourself. Take advantage of our current special and let Your Life is Your Story do it for you.

What You Get

I'll write a fun, entertaining and concise family newsletter suitable for printing or sending by email. You provide the events and information you want included and I'll flesh out the details in a highly readable report of your family's 2018 experiences. Or plan ahead for next year.

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This family newsletter will be a treasure and a start of a great tradition! Again, to get an idea of what it will read like check out this example I created.

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This is a great gift to your family and friends!

This past year was history. Share that history with the rest of the family. Let Your Life is Your Story write it for you. What a great way to remember and honor each other. Start a good annual tradition.

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Everybody has a story to tell!
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