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By Tom Gilbert, Writer and Personal Historian - © September, 2012

You don’t have to be a professional writer to pen your life story.

You don’t need a degree in literature, nor do you need to be an English major.

You do need a desire to reminisce, to reflect and spend time putting into words the memories and experiences of your life.  If you have the interest to record your life story and the willingness to spend time writing chances are you can come up with a compelling tale.

But it does take effort. And not everyone has the skills to craft the words in such a way as to keep the reader involved and interested. What then?

Hiring a skilled writer who is capable of taking your writing and editing it into a stronger final version can be a very worthwhile investment. Even better, your editor may be able to suggest ways to take the memories you’ve written about and rephrase them in a better way. Good editors are typically good writers. And good writers who are also excellent teachers can encourage and illuminate you with their input. This can result in a more powerful story while also helping you grow as a writer!

For years I’ve been writing and helping others with their writing. I enjoy the personal history and insights of people and engage frequently in life story projects to preserve their life experiences.

I can provide the assistance you need. I’ve been writing biographies, memoirs and life stories for myself and other people for over ten years. Working with me will improve your writing and help you finish the story of your life during your life time. You’ve been living an interesting life. Now tell others about it and also discover how sharing your experience, strength and hope will enlighten you and give you a great sense of accomplishment. You only have one life to live, but you don’t have to do all of the writing yourself.

Every project varies depending on the amount of editing and revising a client desires. If you are serious about moving your story forward and getting some expert editing help I am confident I can help you. Contact me for a free consultation and we can discuss options. Together we can preserve your wonderful life story in well written fashion that you will be proud to share with others.


Everybody has a story to tell!
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