Broken but not Shattered
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Broken but not Shattered

by Aimee

Here is a link to my video of my testimony created by my church as well.

Hello, my name is Aimee Tarte and I am a teacher at New River Middle School in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Only a few months ago my dad passed away. My entire life revolved around him and he was suddenly taken from my sister and I without any reason. He was a Vietnam Veteran and proudly and bravely served our country. He was the most honest, genuine, pure hearted man that I have ever known.

He taught me unconditional love. I lost the most important person in my life and I only wish to spread his warmth and compassion to others. He dedicated his life to his family, helping others, and was selfless in every single way.

I want to make him proud and with a pure heart and pure I have started Tarte's Hearts, a humanitarian club at my middle school.

I not only want to make a positive change in the world, I want to teach my students not to be selfish.

I want to make them aware of the world that surrounds them and help them understand the need out there for a positive impact. I would love to show them the love my Dad showed to me and spread it to others.

It is important to make students aware of the problems and situations around our community. I work at a Title I, very diverse, low-income school. We do not have much and our students come from extremely rough home lives. Many deal with situations that are almost unfathomable. Many have parents or guardians who are either no longer with us, incarcerated, on drugs or abuse alcohol, negligent, or abusive. I want to help them break the cycle. I want them to help them choose a better path. I want to show them love and compassion through helping others and showing them that they are not the only ones that suffer.

This organization is not just for me, but to help make a difference in the lives of many. We hope to help any and all aspects of our community such as visit nursing homes, reading to children at schools, volunteering at animal shelters, making cards for children in hospitals, feeding the homeless, as well as any other areas where we can touch lives.

Our vision is to make an impact in our community and teach our students that they can make a positive influence and empower them to become better citizens. It will takes resources, but we are determined. We will need supplies in order to help our dreams come to life and ultimately help others.

We also hope to raise awareness for bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, and cancer along with many other things.

I have given my complete devotion to this club, and to making a change. If we do not start helping others, who will? I thank you for just taking the time to read about the great things we plan to do!

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