Changing the Script
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Changing the Script

by Charlene Thompson
(Flagstaff, AZ)

I'm 39 years old. My downward spiral began in 2007, I suffer from PSTD pretty bad. I often medicated myself with Alcohol & whatever I could ingest. I was in a relationship with a Hispanic, I am a Native American (Navajo). I tried really hard to make him happy but in the end it was truly over. I went to jail several because of disputes with him.

My life changing event was when my Father died in February 2011. I finally went to REHAB in November 2011 after spending 8 months of a lot of drinking & running with the wrong crowd. I've changed, I have now been sober for 13 months. Its my treasure, I fight hard every day to keep my sobriety. I am thankful for my changes because now I have my relationship with my Mother & sisters & nieces/nephews. I'm actually part of a love & support that is endless.

I am me. Finally.

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