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Chapters of Life - Julie Zander Personal Historian

Julie Zander of Chapters of Life is a personal historian with what I consider the “secret weapon”.

She is not only extremely qualified to preserve personal histories in the various forms (written, oral history, video, and photos), she is a warm and caring person. Throughout her fine web site for her business, Chapters of Life, she emphasizes that she takes the time to make each subject of a personal history project feel comfortable with the process and she is very thorough.

The Chapters of Life web site is laid out with easy to navigate areas emphasizing her various services. You can select from her Family Memory Book, Personal Memories, Oral Histories, Spiritual Legacies (which you might know better as ethical wills), Capture An Event, and Corporate Histories.

She also has lots of free helpful information and samples. If you read her frequently asked questions section (FAQs) you’ll see what I mean about how she carefully and considerately guides you through the process of creating your wonderful story.

Julie Zander must be a very busy person. In addition to the many projects she is working on she gives back to her community as well as the business of personal history.  October, 2006 she served as the Event Chairperson for the annual conference of the Association of Personal Historians (APH). The event was sold out and held in Portland, Oregon and Julie received tremendous positive feedback for her hard work.

Julie has worked as a professional writer since 1982. Her past experience as a journalist and newspaper reporter, writer and editor for several publications has taught her the importance of listening closely and asking the right questions. If you’ve ever worried that you won’t have much to say if you are interviewed about your life that is a groundless fear when working with Julie.

One way of preserving your story that continues to grow in popularity is the Memoir. In Julie’s free article, 13 Reasons to Create a Memoir, she emphasizes the value of passing on your story to family, especially children and grand-children. She also encourages you to do it because of the value you will get from reviewing your life and discovering the important role you’ve played in others’ lives.

Creating a life story is something you do every day of your life. Preserving it is something you should seriously consider. Julie Zander can help you do that in many ways and it will become a treasure you won’t regret.

Chapters of Life is a former "Highlight Site" on Your Life is Your Story and is a recommended personal history service.

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