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Family History & Life Story Services

Here are some products and services you can use to capture your life story - autobiography, biography, memoir

There are various products and services that you can use to capture your life story.  On this page you can find out more about how to use them and Your Life Is Your Story services to tell your story.

Professional Personal Historian Life Story Services

Your Life Is Your Story
can develop a custom designed life story package based on the number of interviews, amount of transcribing, writing, final product development and your budget.  The result is a legacy (biography, autobiography, memoir, etc) you and your family - including future generations - will treasure.  Every project is unique.  

Preparing your story, knowing what you want to tell and deciding how you want to go about it are all important considerations. There are several articles on this website to help you prepare. Fill out the form on the
Get Started page and get free information or you can Contact us to find out more.

Additionally, this page contains other family history and life story service options for your personal history project.

Short Professional Bio

Looking to step up your professional profile?  Job searching is extremely competitive - give yourself an extra edge. Check out our special offer on a One Page Professional Bio - It is affordably priced and this service can help you in many ways. I've had many clients seek me out to write their short, professional biography. Many need something for trade publications or other media exposure, or to provide for companies or organizations who need to know more about their background, personal experience and life values.

This is also an option to make a beginning on your personal history story. A 1-2 page biography can be the foundation for a more extensive personal history.

Find out
more here.

Life Story Editing Services

Hiring a skilled writer who is capable of taking your writing and editing it into a stronger final version can be a very worthwhile investment. Even better, as your editor I can suggest ways to take the memories you’ve written about and rephrase them in a better way. Good editors are typically good writers. And good writers who are also excellent teachers can encourage and illuminate you with their input. Let me help you refine your writing. Or if you are stuck, I can help you get back on track. Find out more here.

The Memoir Network

The Memoir Network is the umbrella of the various services, workshops and resources of  They can help you publish a book.  Denis Ledoux and his team can provide writing coaching.  They can assist you to teach others through their curriculum. Their program of leader certification for lifewriting professionals can provide those interested in working in the field of lifewriting with credentials and know how.

The Memoir Network with Denis LeDoux (writing coach, mentor, instructor, writer) has something called Write Your First Memoir Draft. The WYFMD Program (for short) is well designed and well worth the investment if you really want to get a memoir written. The answers you want are laid out here. It costs you nothing to take a look.

I have trained with The Memoir Network for the Professional Memoirs Workshop Program and offer workshops in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Many of the colleagues I respect in the field of personal history and lifestory writing have also been trained in their various programs. You can find out more about this training here.

Turning Memories Into MemoirsThe centerpiece of Denis Ledoux's instruction is his excellent handbook, Turning Memories into Memoirs.  I own a copy of the recently revised and expanded edition and it is full of valuable and helpful resources.  It's written with clarity and it will inspire you to take the steps to write your story. You can order a copy through their e-bookstore.

Write and Build Your Life Story Online!

Catch My Story

Catch My StoryCatch My Story is a great way to tell your story with an easy-to-use online program for your personal history narrative.

Many people have already used the Catch My Story program to create their story. This includes people in recovery programs as they write about their journey through and out of addiction. Others write about their faith. And many people, facing the end of their life journey, are capturing their thoughts and experiences to pass on a book of memory to others.It is easy to use Catch My Story. The website has excellent help, with tutorials and customer service. The finished book product is professional and something to be proud of.

Your Life Is Your Story has worked out a discount for you to try out the Catch My Story online software platform. That makes it even more affordable! Find out more here.

i'm a Story

I'm a Story - free online life story postingUse the free I'm a Story ( website to write and post your memoir or life story. Or interview a family member and write about them. You can keep it private or share it with the world. Rolland Love, a fine writer himself, is the man behind I'm a Story and his mission is to get people to preserve life stories. He is especially interested in schools getting young people involved interviewing family members and helping preserve their history. Towards that end he's created some curriculum to show you how and is actively working to get more schools involved. What a great idea!

Once you've written your story (using helpful prompts and tools) you can save it and take the next step to have your book designed and printed. I'm a Story doesn't offer that service, but there are plenty of places to turn to for that.

Details here.

The MemoryGrabber

MemoryGrabber - excellent resource for writing your life storyThe MemoryGrabber is a terrific product. This product is fun to use and guides you through the process of preserving your personal history. And the price is hard to beat - just $14.95 and backed by a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

The  MemoryGrabber  has been updated with some additional innovations. The new version includes more great questions, timeline development and the ability to type and save your work right into the PDF e-book workbook using the free Foxit PDF reader. 

Michael Boyter is the man behind the site and this has been a labor of love for him for a few years. He is the self-appointed family historian for his clan and he encourages you to move the past into the family story at a time!

I personally use this great product with clients. It's inexpensive and highly readable.

 Journal Software
The Journal Software - keep a notebook, diary and much more
Do you keep a journal?  Check out the award-winning DavidRM Personal Journaling Software - The Journal.  

Helpful Books

Your Legacy of Love by Gemini AdamsYour Legacy of Love: Realize the Gift in Goodbye by Gemini Adams - here.

Write From the Inside by Lissa Ann ForbesWrite From The Inside by Lissa Ann Forbes - here.

The Legacy Guide by Carol Franco and Kent LinebackThe Legacy Guide by Carol Franco and Kent Lineback - here.

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Everybody has a story to tell!
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