Still Have My Leg
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Still Have My Leg

by Robert
(Dallas tx)

Through a work place injury my leg became infected, bad. I had to go to emergency room. Fortunately, the doctors stopped the infection from heading to my heart. Then two surgeons came into my hospital room and introduced themselves and gave me their cards. I thought, what do I need a surgeon for? Later the orthopedic surgeon told me they almost cut my leg off.

The next day the infectious disease doctor saw the lack of change and revamped the type of antibiotics on my I.V. Tree. One day later, the infection was under control. Thank God! It took being out of the hospital for two weeks, on a Sunday morning, before it completely hit me. I could have been one legged! Crying helped. But I realized nothing outside yourself cares what happens to you. The world rushes by like a mass of people running from Godzilla or a tornado. So-called friends would say things like, "That's crazy! Looks like your ok, though. Well, see you. I gotta go."

Only God's soft voice inside me brought any comfort. It is easy to hate the world after experiencing this. But as I reflect on my experience and compare myself to others with their own tragedies I see how the good people rise up and become even better. They are examples to others. Spreading love to show others a better way!

Nevertheless, I still see how quick most people avoid someone once they discover you have a problem. You have to find the resolve inside yourself and faith in God to move forward.

I used to listen to the outside world a lot to guide me. Then I would wonder why I am not further along. It was because the people in the outside world really do not care where I end up. They used me for their needs and then left me. Now I know my leg and I must do for myself first. If not, I will not be able to exist on earth. Everyone in the outside world will fall short, as it says in the bible. Kind words are great, but true support comes from within with GOD's love.

I use to always want to be an agreeable part of everyone's life and to support them. It hurts bad to stop doing this for I feel a lot of God's love doesn't get spread around. But most people think your sappy, gullible and stupid for being so loyal. They take care of their needs and then leave you abandoned saying,"That's your fault, not mine!"

I have never wanted to be like the the rest of society, like fallen men. But, I have to be smart and work with what's out there as it needs to be dealt with or they will kill me and say. "That's your fault and problem, not mine!" Until you are faced with life and death you won't have that deep, true, honest realization that allows you to see so clearly. Soldiers in battle and dying people know it. That's why so many soldiers come back home hateful with their lives falling apart.

First and foremost, teach your children to take care of themselves. Then teach them reverence and compassion for others with God as your guide.

Thanks for reading this. Right now I fight against outside people trivializing my experience and trying to get me to follow them. It's like a flood trying to wipe out your home....there's too many people, 8 billion in the world, trying to push you aside.

God be with you all,


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