A Man Who Never Gave Up Hope.
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A Man Who Never Gave Up Hope.

by Ifenywan Blessing

My husband was a lovely man who never gave up on obstacles. Not until that night when the illness was so severe. He called me and said "I don't know."

Hmm! I did not really understand what he meant. Though I tried to understand what he meant he was so weak he could not respond to my questions.

I had never experienced a dying person until that day, so I was confused. Even the doctor gave no sign of hope. But I was strong at heart and believed that he would soon get over it. I fed him later, but he threw up. He became restless and his breathing changed; it was like one gasping for breath.

He rested his head on my arm while breathing in a funny way. I did not know what to do, still confused, but I remembered Psalm 23. Just ten minutes later he gave up the ghost. It felt like hell. I was too young to be a widow of two kids. I cried, yet he remained still. It felt like a dream.

I gently removed his head from my arm with the assistance of the nurses and a doctor. They laid his body on the bed. when they started to tie him up it dawned on me that he was truly gone. I was heartbroken, believing I would never again know joy.

Then I remembered, God has the final say. I said to myself, God gave him to me and now He has taken him back to be with Him in all the glory.
Life must go on; I must take care of these children. They are my pride.

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