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October, 2019

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Prince of a Deal for Writer of Prince's Memoir

October 29, 2019

I was really surprised, and delighted, to learn how Dan Piepenbring, an unknown writer in New York, ended up being hired by Prince to write his memoir. Yes, that Prince, the amazing musician and songwriter who passed away in 2016.

Prince would handwrite memories and Dan worked them into a book. He had to piece most of it together after Prince died suddenly, but it must have been quite an experience. The story was featured on CBS News and you can read it here.

30 Minutes a Day for Soul Work Writing

October 23, 2019

Any of you who have been regular readers of my blog and content on this website are aware that I admire others who engage in life story work and memoir writing. One of those people is Denis LeDoux of The Memoir Network.

Denis has been at it for many years, helping others craft memoirs and life stories and also supporting others who believe in and promote this type of work. I've taken classes from him and bought some of his programs and they've helped me grow as a professional and a writer.

Doing this work as a business can be rewarding and important. But writing about your life, or the lives of others, has an even deeper purpose that is a reward in its own right (maybe I shoud say, "write").

In one of his blog posts this month LeDoux discusses how his own writing is a type of soul work. He's had to go through some tough times in recent years including losing his longtime life partner to cancer. It took a while for him to process it and to then fulfill some personal writing goals. Part of how he's accomplished this is by committing to a certain amount of writing each day. A modest 30 minutes a day goal has really paid off for him in writing and completing a few different memoirs and projects.

It's hard to accomplish a big writing project when you view it as one giant thing to finish. But working on it a bit at a time can bring a finished product. It might even be better written when you don't try to do too much at one time. Writing is hard creative work. Savoring it and crafting your language is important. You do need to get after it and not procrastinate, but you also need to give it time.

There are many good articles, posts and programs available through The Memoir Network. I encourage you to explore them, particularly with the November Memoir Writing focus coming up soon.


October 11, 2019

I am excited today to be seeing my grandchildren. I have two and they've been quite a joy the past nine years.

Jacob, the elder, is a nine-year old boy full of silliness and energy. But he can be profound, too. Sophia is the younger sister, about to turn seven, and she's a delight as well. She likes to sing and dance (just like her momma) and as a first grader is full of wonder, curiosity and opinions.

Being a parent is a wonderful yet very challenging thing. Many parents would agree it is both the hardest and best experience in all of life. Seeing your kids grow up and eventually become parents themselves brings about another special thing: grandchildren! 

When families have multiple generations involved in the raising of children it brings great perspectives to life. Life story experiences, support and additional helping hands are just a few of the benefits.

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