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The Legacy Letters

Some say the most cherished gift you can give anyone is a legacy letter

It's hard to argue with that.

A legacy letter is a deeply life-affirming way to pass on your love and values. It can be a document, book or recording - or any combination thereof - that becomes a treasured personal history item whose value is immeasurable.

Getting guidance and help with this is the mission of Legacy Letters. Leah Dobkin guides you through this process and helps  you create a lasting and memorable legacy letter that passes on values and not just valuables.

Legacy letters, also called Ethical Wills, have been around for thousands of years. Crafting one can be the ultimate gift to your loved ones and something that takes some thought and planning. But you don't want to delay because this is something that will live on after you are gone.

Every project is unique and Legacy Letters is a recommendation you should seriously consider.

Start by visiting their website and contacting Leah for a free consultation.

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