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The Memoir Network

Denis Ledoux and The Memoir Network is a service and business dedicated to turning memories into memoirs.

And it is much more.  Ledoux, an accomplished writer, personal historian and instructor is also a sharp businessman.  He regularly provides laser-like suggestions and instructions to those interested in working in the field of personal history.  Towards that end he offers in-depth workshops at his facility in Maine.  He also teaches with teleconferences.

Help for Teachers.  Help for Writers.

The Memoir Network is the umbrella of the various services, workshops and resources of  They can help you publish a book.  They can provide writing coaching.  They can assist you to teach others through their curriculum. Their program of leader certification for lifewriting professionals can provide those interested in working in the field of lifewriting with credentials and know how.

One of the things I did a few years ago that has helped me is I purchased the Memoir Professional Package from The Memoir Network. This package of instruction includes a tremendous amount of resources such as a curriculum and presenter's manual for Turning Memoires Into Memoirs workshops. If you've ever thought about joining in the ever-growing field of personal history and memoir creation then check this out.

 I have trained with The Memoir Network for the Professional Memoirs Workshop Program and offer workshops in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Many of the colleagues I respect in the field of personal history and lifestory writing have also been trained in their various programs. You can find out more about this training here.

***The Memoir Network with Denis LeDoux (writing coach, mentor, instructor, writer) has something called Write Your First Memoir Draft. The WYFMD Program (for short) is well designed and well worth the investment if you really want to get a memoir written. The answers you want are laid out here. It costs you nothing to take a look. ***

Turning Memories Into MemoirsThe centerpiece of Denis Ledoux's instruction is his excellent handbook, Turning Memories into Memoirs.  I own a copy of the recently revised and expanded edition and it is full of valuable and helpful resources.  It's written with clarity and it will inspire you to take the steps to write your story. You can order a copy through their e-bookstore.

One of the cornerstones of memoir writing that Ledoux emphasizes is the memory list.
On the Memoir Network (formerly the Soleil Lifestory Network) website he offers a great resource, The MemoryList Question E-book.

The Photo Scribe: A Writing Guide, How to Write the Stories Behind Your Photographs is another helpful resource targeting those who want to add depth to the photos and images of their scrapbooks by writing the stories connected to these pictures.

Telling your story is often an ambitious undertaking.  Those who feel called to do so often desire to do it for others, too.  Denis Ledoux and The Memoir Network is a great example of providing guidance and inspiration for both.

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