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Your Legacy Smile helps you to discover how to live a meaningful life now, and create a lasting Legacy while you are still alive.

The site centers around what legacy really means

Robb Lucy is the creator of His recently published book, Legacies aren't just for Dead People! is designed to help you to discoverf what legacy means for you and provides a wealth of information on how to make lasting legacies in line with your passions, values and purpose. And most importantly, to do it before you pass on from this life.

Legacies aren't just for Dead People! by Robb Lucy
Our personal histories and our stories about our lives, our experiences and values are important, both to us and to others. The desire to leave a legacy is in us all. It is more than leaving money to others. It centers around your skills, talents, values and life purpose. Visit Your Legacy Smile and discover thoughtful questions to ask yourself and resources to help you create a lasting legacy.

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